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Designed for school teachers and music specialists to use in class or clubs. Kent (UK) only.

Learning from home

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Perfect for individuals or sibling groups learning at home for fun as well as education

Lets learn ukulele

With MusicPlus Digital

An entire year of key stage 2 Ukulele


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MusicPlus Digital (MPD) is an online First Access music programme for teaching Key Stage 2 ukulele to whole classes. It covers an entire year’s worth of ukulele tuition incorporating key music skills and national curriculum outcomes.

A whole year of Key Stage 2 ukulele, including fun and exciting characters for the students to learn with.

How is it used?

MPD is a platform for delivering digital ukulele lessons to KS2. It comes with a full set of lesson plans, resources and practice tracks to aid both teachers and students.

The resource can be used in a variety of ways but it's recommended use is in conjunction with a specialist music teacher.

Download a full overview The learning outcomes

By the end of a year, most children will be able to:

  • Play at least four chords on the ukulele
  • Perform on the ukulele with confidence whilst singing
  • Interpret and play basic notation
  • Play melodies using TAB notation
  • Devise basic compositions using rhythmic notation and chords

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The schools love it, the teachers love it, it gets more children learning

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Music Plus Digital was created by Soundhub Kent - with support from Arts Council England 

Creative Director: Missy Mills 

Technical Direction and Design: Wash Media 

Content written by Missy Mills and Jake Painter 

Educational consultant: Julie Evans 

Songs composed by: Jake Painter, Missy Mills,Bill Clift, and Julie Evans. 

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